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Hi, I have just tried to reply to messages on this site for the first time. It does not seem to work. I can see the message to me, compose a reply and click the send button. My reply vanishes, never to be seen by me again. If I return to that bit of the site, after leaving, I still cannot see my replies. Is this normal? If not, what am I doing wrong?

1950debris 7 Jan 23

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Compose in an editor then copy & paste. Do not press the send button till you see bottom right that the green traffic light telling you that you have connection is on.
When sent you can find date and time sent by triggering it on by pressing top left corner. Date and time appear in message box lower left corner.

Hi @FrayedBear Nope, I dunno how long you have to wait, but I can see the grass growing faster that any connection happening. minutes and no, this is not messaging. Pigeon post is likely a bit quicker. I followed your instructions, compose in an editor, copy, paste and wait for that light. It stayed just like the picture

@1950debris Just sent you 3 messages.

@FrayedBear Not showing at all, it is about 2200 GMT, think that is 1700 EST. Have to admit this is very odd, how can I do this wrong?

@FrayedBear One message just dropped in. Dunno the Android app, maybe I look for that. This site will not let me message whatever I use, laptop, desktop or phone.


there is a small green indicator showing that the connection is working while your messaging. be sure its green and not red when replying/sending.

Thank you @hankster, I will go and look.

Hi @hankster The small green indicator is . Move the toggle in either direction, the indicator stays . This is on three different systems. Hm, will try my phone. Anyway, I have used the contact form on the site, will wait for a reply. Thanks again.

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