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POLL Change Doesn't Happen Overnight, But Research Shows How Social Movements Succeed

"One was kickstarted a school and her placard; another took flight after a hashtag went viral. Years later, these are powerful social movements – demanding action on climate and racial justice ... the US hasn't before seen numbers participating like those we're seeing today. Which has researchers wondering just how 21st-century social movements succeed in creating social change."

Which approaches garner broader social support, spur action, and cause people to join movements?

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AnonySchmoose 8 Jan 24

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I wasn't sure how to answer this, because I tend to observe group polarization as a common factor. Would that mean it is good leadership? 😅

I believe group polarization shows members disagree about what should be the goals of the movement, which would tend to cause chaos.

@AnonySchmoose Not necessarily, but yes, it often does do just that. It's as simple as being uncaring or not having an authentic opinion until "all your friends do it" or the movement is something that can make you feel stronger by fitting in.

Sounds correct. I am in a movement, and not everybody is caring, so it does feel disorganized in some ways. I would like to fit in more.


More often than not it is fear that spurs action, flight or fight is a very strong instinct in humans when the alternate is inevitable death.

I agree that fear is a strong motivator. Thanks for reminding me to include that in the poll.

@AnonySchmoose Maybe a broader restatement of that as "emotions". Just a thought.


It's quite obvious that anger gets people of their ass, complacency keeps most people on it.

I hadn't considered that reason for people to join a movement and it seems as valid as the others.

@barjoe Do you think both anger and fear together motivate people to get off their asses and join a movement?

@AnonySchmoose Anger. Fear of what caused the anger but basically it's an act of bravery.

@Fred_Snerd Bread and Circuses would be to appease the masses and keep them on their asses.

@AnonySchmoose I think more times than not, what actually moves one to action is a sense of unacceptable indecency occurring.

I agree with that, and the reason a thing is considered indecent needs to be communicated to be understood and accepted by the general community.

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