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Now that Trump is gone, is there a point where we get to find out more about what is in the Mueller report? The Trump administration more or less seems to have put much of it under lock and key... stonewalled it, successfully, at least for awhile. Will that change? Do we taxpayers actually get to find out more as to relevant portions that our dollars paid for?

kmaz 7 Jan 24

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Apparently this less-redacted version was issued November 3. I'm guessing it might have had more discussion if the timing had been different.

As to reading for whether Mueller did a good job or not, I've always assumed that no matter who did the job, and no matter what they tried, it was an uphill battle and my main point is not to read in order to make criticisms of them. I just want a sense of what actually happened in 2016 and whether there's information in there that would point to reasonable people seeing about removing the President from Office or censuring him.


kmaz Level 7 Jan 31, 2021

I still want to know what is in there. As far as I know, there was never valid legal justification for burying so much of report from decent robust public view, and now that Trump is gone, the shedding of light on more of the report is part of restoring and fixing what we taxpayers should be getting (in my view). Maybe this has been discussed within the Biden admin and they are waiting until after the trial. Or maybe they're just not going to fight for it. I don't know. I can make the argument for delaying the revelations until after the Trial, and I can make the argument for not paying attention to the Trial, and just doing the right thing (what a concept). I cannot make the argument for sitting on what is really in there for very long, if it is in the legal power of the Biden Administration to take the locks off of the salient portions.

kmaz Level 7 Jan 30, 2021

Good question.


I also have hope that we get to see more after that redaction gets another look. This might not happen, though, because Biden doesn't want to look back too hard. He doesn't want to create another tit-for-tat but I have doubts that's avoidable.


I don't think you'll get that much. I say that because Robert Mueller muted and constrained the investigation for reasons one might speculate, like his political leanings. ( Had Trump been a Democratic President then it might have been different.) I base this on interviews I have seen and reports read on people who worked on the report and grew frustrated at his refusal to go where the real dirt was. History, I predicted, will not be kind to Mueller. Indeed I said so on this site when the report first came out, and got criticised for it. But history has shown that I was on the right track.

The fact that we have to sit here and guess what is in there is the problem. Let's find out more about what is in there and then we can have a proper discussion of whether Mueller did well. Now that Trump is out, presumably his ability to block us from knowing more about what is in there is diminished. Let's see it.

@kmaz while it is true that some blocked content of the report may emerge and will make news, my understanding is that a lot was not investigated in the first place, eg Trump's financial connections, because Mueller prevented it. Some who worked on the report for him have said so, publicly. Hence I'm not holding my breath. I could be wrong. Happy to be.


I like that you did that work to suss out what is in there, and to understand what might be missing, but the point here is we should not have to go poking around to find out what is in there. We should simply flat-out be told, and it's not doing us a favor to do so. Then we can make up our minds as to what was omitted.


I surely want to read all redacted parts of the report.


might be nice to hear some specific findings, but i think we can be rather confident it aint pretty. if it were anything else he wouldn't have been so scared of it.

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