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Peace and love make us grow. But forever has a terme... Cultural correction: In a finite Cosmos, all is finite, including Time and TerraLife. We can only finitely continue the happy memory of those deceased or alive. Generally, words e-de-re-volve with knowledge, religious words must be translated philosophically, seen as a metaphor, we can rationalize, redefine them. We need CosmoTerraReason, not illusion (religious, astrologic or other)... "If there is no god on earth, We are gods ourselves!" Mueller-Schubert, Mut/Courage, [],

- Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau - Mut! spirit=mens, mind, reason, sentiment etc. Finite Cosmos, finite Earth, still some time for peace and love...
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I agree Atheists are too often brainwashed by religious words rather than stand our ground condemning the fake dictionaries fake philosophical and fake divinity "studies" .....some Aboriginal writers have built the cultural bridges of honest scholarship in sociology anthropology music and ecology....African American Studies are 60 years growing FeministS not that far behind confronting rapist racist patriarchal theocracy.....have Esperanto writers claimed to be the free language of EARTH ?

Hope is a good global disposition/language. Decent neologisms are certainly a for of freedom and hope for a better future.


now in english please


Money and COVID-19 seem to be gods right now. Which one do you think we will continue to serve?

Both until we see there is no end and no advantage to doing this.

Greed&ignorance obviously retards community for the gibberish sounds gawds I rarely find enabling delusional people to build community

Those are more myths, or lies, bad accidents of the moral evolution. Well-informed citizens, TerraFamily should care for truth, justice and decency etc., instead.


well i guess Yah Himself said the same,
I said "you are gods,"
and i wonder if many of the terms in the Bible are not best defined in etymologies, seems to have clarified many passages for me--plus this guy is a freak 🙂--[]

That article on abarim is cheating around a mythical god, derived anyway from the real ones, humans, terranature, cosmos, conscience, metaphors etc. Etymologically, yahwe=being. eloah, pl. elohim=superior, elevated, good, wise etc.

@tipi um, "that article?" i guess you mean the home page one? Fwiw that changes fairly often, pretty TIC right now i guess...but his etymologies seem quite informed, just pick a name

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