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I seem to have been cut off from commenting.

rogerbenham 8 Feb 4

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I'm having the same problem. Not sure why it just now worked here - it didn't when I tried to comment in one of my groups, and it doesn't matter whether it's from the app on my phone or using the website


A couple of weeks ago I was having a problem commenting and then it just stopped. No problems since. I see others are having issues now. Curiouser and curiouser.

Always happy to see Alice quoted!

This seems pretty random because it’s only affecting certain people!


Strangely I can comment in this group’s getting weirder and more random ! Oh, well Roger it seems we can communicate here, perhaps we can feel simpatico for a change! 😁

That sounds fine with me!

Can we post music to here?

Charpentier Te Deum, Willian Christie.

Notice the !st cellist (Woman) is bowing as used to bow the viols

@rogerbenham Great piece of music. Maybe she has switched instruments!

@Marionville I enjoyed the Ville Valo & Agents gig as you put it. It seemed to be occurring in the most gigantic night club. Actually, I cannot imagine spending the sort of money an evening there might cost!

@rogerbenham I think everything in Scandinavia is wildly expensive. I am looking forward to getting to Norway to attend the a-ha concert in Oslo which was postponed from last year because of covid...whenever it’s rescheduled for, but know it’s going to be an expensive trip.


what he said, ya. hmm commenting fine here though, weird



Many of us have.

Really. Who is doing it? Is it just Canada that is being shut out?

@rogerbenham No, Marje can't comment either except on this group.

@Lilac-JadeCanada Oh well, it means I'll upset less people today!

@rogerbenham Well damned if I know what the issue is with all the other groups. Marje was blaming her i-pad, but I'm on a laptop.'ve never upset me that I know of.....hahahahaha.....

@Lilac-JadeCanada And I'm on a computer. I upset Literate Hiker at least a year ago. I upset William_Mary and I'm getting close with Frayed Bear. I think Marje puts up with me! Sadly William_Mary and Frayed Bear upset CutieBeauty and there was another woman who stormed out because of them about a year ago.

@rogerbenham I had my fill of FrayedBear, FearlessFly, & CutieBeauty seems to have disappeared.

@Lilac-JadeCanada I think that FB is a grumpy woman-hater. I don't share his sense of humour. I find it a bit schoolboyish. I was joking around with him for a time but it wore off. CutieBeauty got really insulted and suddenly stopped reading. I find absolute opinions rather off-putting and so fell out with W_M.

@rogerbenham I never did find him funny, & I blocked him several months ago. I usually ignore anyone who doesn't have some sort of manners, or I mind my own business, because I won't argue on the internet. I have better things to do.

@Marionville Still not working either, I see.

@rogerbenham @Lilac-JadeCanada ....we seem to be a small but select band!

@Marionville Just plain weird!

@Lilac-JadeCanada Nope..not on the majority of posts....including my own!

@Marionville I should get my Chromebook out & try from there, just for the heck of it.

@Marionville No go on the Chromebook either.....sigh.....

@Marionville When the administrator of a page gets locked out we're in serious trouble. Call in the rescue brigade!

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