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To the best of your knowledge, are your local churches sheltering people during inclement weather?

Are your local churches sheltering people during inclement weather crises?

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UrsiMajor 8 Feb 18

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You can count on Joel Osteens mega church facility not letting anyone in just like after the hurricane and flooding several years ago.


Churches are businesses anyway. Businesses that don't pay taxes.


When a church serves no practical purpose it is not even a business, it is a waste of good bricks.


Four "warming shelters" were opened in my city on Monday for anyone who didn't have electricity. They were able to stay there until Thursday night. If the power is still off for so many (as it still is), they may extend it. Two of the four shelters are in churches. I don't know about the other places, but I know the one closest to me, and it's a huge church with lots of space.

I lucked out, the warming shelter is the rec center across the street. The city just finished trimming all the trees from the lines to it. Their power comes off the transformer in front of my house, so my power has become a priority by proxy.

@glennlab That's fantastic, Glenn! What a prime location. Any chance it benefits your ability to use your water as well?

@Lauren No their water line is on the next street over. They just replaced my water mains about 10 years ago and are doing the ones starting 2 blocks south of me now.


Yes when they can they support shelters here

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