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LINK Right-Wing Atheists Are Oddly Excited About CPAC Embracing Secular Conspiracies | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

From the article...

I’ve written before about my thoughts on atheists who support the current version of the Republican Party. I don’t think it makes sense to claim you’re logical and rational while supporting a party that promotes conspiracy theories and bigotry.

I also don’t think it’s a strategic or useful kind of activism to attend an event like CPAC. Unlike purchasing a booth at, say, a Flat Earth conference where your entire goal is to convince attendees they’re wrong, the atheists going to CPAC support the Republican Party’s policies. They’re not going to argue people out of their delusions; they’re going there because they believe those delusions, too… minus one of them.

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There is a reason why I don't call myself things like logical or rational, and consider them merely buzzwords. As i've said many times before, these things are either apparent, or you are wasting your energy on someone whom isn't worth the time.

To be fair, I used to think that "Atheist = Intelligent" as well. It was the foolish assumptions of a maturing mind. As they so often say of their conclusions, Atheism is only answering one question. Nothing more.

I suspect that is how the nu-atheist movement online (and elsewhere) got so lost in the post 2000's. You can only relay the same message so many times before people lose interest. Which leaves a boredom gap . . . which right wing ideals unfortenutly slipped right into with ease.

Either way, the less we let any label dictate our perception of the character of the people we encounter, the better.


Atheists know that all beliefs are contrived. I think right wing atheists would have no problem embracing religious conspiracies if it suited their Neo-Nazi agenda.

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