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"Never get off the boat, never get off the boat, never get off the boat."

Looked at a user's Facebook profile after a dismissive comment about the Jimmy Carter documentary I had recently watched. He holds some... "interesting" views to be sure. This was a piece he linked.

A quote within the article.


"When God wishes to chastise a nation for its sins, He enslaves it under the dominion of voluptuous men, who, stupefied with the opium of sensual gratification, can only be aroused from their brutal insensibility by the fumes of blood…. Revolutionary France worshiped at the same time prostitution and death; while prostitution triumphed in her temples and at her altars, death was worshipped in public places and on her scaffolds."

WilliamCharles 8 Mar 13

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Looked up some of the claims. The people Rittenhouse shot/killed had some criminal records (as per Snopes), but this article is written as if he was bringing the retribution of God down on them.

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