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Despite recycling efforts, and calls to ban things like plastic microbeads, our plastic use is increasing. A study published in Science estimates that the total amount of plastic entering our oceans each year weighs between 4.7 and 12.7 million tons, and it’s predicted to triple by 2025.

zblaze 7 Apr 15

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Watch this:


The positive side is someday we will be able to drive to Hawaii. πŸ™‚


Resource wars. Oil makes plastic and rubber and 1,000s of products, plus food production and transportation. Start investing in renewable energy and things will get better. The bad thing is that we still need oil even if we do convert successfully to renewable energy. Life will still be drastically different. Solar panels are partially made out of plastic, just for one example. We need to come up with new ways to make products etc. I don't know if the quality will be the same. We won't really have a choice after a certain point. Oil fields are being found less and less today and longer apart in time than before.


There are plans for UK to go plastic least the unrecyclable type (single use etc). We need to. It isn't necessary and we can now make really good cellulose alternatives.

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