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I was attending my local Lion's Convention on Zoom today.
Part of the proceedings is a memorial service for the Lions who died in the past year. It is called a Necrology Service. My wife being one.
I was surprised at how religious it was. 2 prayers, 23rd Psalm, a benediction and some kind of religious music played during the slide show. Then a candle lighting, lighting candles placed on a large cross. Hoo boy. My wife was Atheist, I am totally non religious. I did not like it.
So I commented on Facebook. Instant shitstorm. Most agreed that the service should be non religious. Others pointed out that their Club has members from various religions, all non christian. There are some who are finding fault with me for being offended and attacking their religion. (Sound familiar)? I even got the old, you must understand this is a Christian Nation line. I am from Canada so especially not true here.
We shall see if I get some "feedback" from the local geezers about my post. I am 68 and as I was watching things on Zoom, I am thinking look at all these old farts and geezers, wow. Trouble is some of them are younger than I am. I will be bringing this up locally, it will be Armageddon. I am feeling scrappy, screw em.

Happycanuck 7 Mar 20

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I'm glad you spoke up. So many people might feel the same as you, but don't say so, but might agree if someone else takes that first step. You especially have the right to speak up, since your wife was atheist. I do hope there was something comforting and meaningful you could take away from the service. Maybe in the future they can do more of that.


Maybe it was in deference to the family of those lost. I could never be a member of a fraternal organization.


They never seem to take into account that something just may offend us! Doing things that way is most definitely not inclusive of everyone with all the differences in belief or non belief.

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