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Non Abrahamic atheist

Out of curiosity, is there anyone on this site that comes from a non Abrahamic background. Does the concept of agnosticm exist among former Hindus or is Agnotiscm in itself a Westernn concept based on the disbelief of an omni know it all divine concept which is absent in Eastern belief already.

Davidthinks 7 Apr 15

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I knew a fellow raised Hindu who became atheist. I've also known former heathens from Alaska native backgrounds who were atheists. We come from a lot of different sources.


Good question. I'll be interested to see any answers, because I don't know.


i met a fellow on our lovely site whos parents raised him hindu. i can't remember if he said he identifies as agnostic or atheist tho...don't know if that helps

Byrd Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

I think Agnosticism is a world wide concept and it existed in ancient times just like Atheism did long ago too. Agnosticism is not based on belief or disbelief, but on the premise that the God concept and its existence are unknownable. Atheism is the one that has a lack of beliefs or a disbellef in gods. Some people choose the label Agnostic-Atheist to combine both angles. Some Eastern relgions do have deity concepts like Sikhism, Shinto and Confuscianism.

Agnostics surely existed in ancient times, but it is interesting to note that Thomas Huxley coined the word in the Victorian era.

@EEEE Newborns are not Agnostic nor Atheists, although I often hear that said by some people. Newborns do not have minds that can comprehend higher concepts like gods, so it makes no sense to suggest they have minds that have concluded they lack a belief in gods from lack of evidence, that they have pondered that gods are unknowable and therefore they are Agnostics. Agnosticism and Atheism are conscious mental concepts.
Frogs and maple trees also lack a belief in gods, but you do not call frogs Agnostics and Atheists, do you? Or do you? 🙂

@EEEE The definition for Agnosticism is clearly about gods and the supernatural and NOT material phenomena of any kind like you claim. Can you present one single reputable reference to support your idea that Agnosticism also applies to material phenomena like you said? Now all you have to do is prove a stove is a god and then the definition for what Agnosticism is will apply to a stove as a material object. Yes, I know the word agnostic also exists and it has a different meaning than the capitalized Agnosticism.


Good question. I would like to know that, too.


I was never indoctrinated, so yes, but I don’t think that’s the reply you’re looking for.

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