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Have you heard any Democrats supporting a $14, or a $13.50, minimum wage?

Of course not; the Democrats are the reverse side of the ruling class’ coin.

To win, use direct democracy: the direct initiarive, referendum and recall. If your state doesn’t yet have them, GET THEM. When enough states have them, the nation will get them.

For info, go to and search on “History of initiative and referendum in the U.S.”

yvilletom 8 Mar 27

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Can we all agree that non tipped employees should not have to work for $7.25/hr?


I do. As a manager I have to take into account how this effects everyone and not just the minimum wage jobs. Hourly employees are tiered according to their experience, position, and other things. I now have to move those making 16-18hr to higher pay scale. Cost of living in Florida isn't as high as many of the other locations in the country. I believe that wages should be reactionary to inflation.

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