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LINK Peter Navarro Libelous Rant on Dr Fauci and Rachel Campos-Duffy, the FoxNews Stooge Says Nothing

Dr Fauci may need to go the Dominion route. Sue FoxNews and Peter Navarro for libel, defamation and malice.

barjoe 9 Apr 1

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More faux news


If you tell a lie loudly and long enough someone will believe it.

FoxNews hosts either chime in or nod their head. Sometimes Chris Wallace will fact check people.


You can tell right away how Navarro talks and gestures that he is trying to convince everyone with emotion and not facts. If you have evidence, present it, it is that easy, if you don't have evidence, then shut the hell up, no one needs to listen to an idiot's "beliefs". This is exactly what Trump did to stir up the mob mentality in order to incite an insurrection and commit a coup.

Yes, Dr. Fauci, should sue him for defamation and malice, and for inciting violence against him.

Yep. Reminds me of an evangelist, or a used car salesman. He's a complete piece of shit.

@barjoe Yes, of course, this is why the GOP push religion and belief over reality and facts.

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