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Sunday ponder.
Was thinking PC and got stuck on "manpower" ie what's a gender neutral term for that? So I was thinking "person power" but then does that mean we can only measure living outputs in persons? What about other organism energy? Then I thought of "Horse power".
Now NZ has recognised all animals as sentient beings. Now being PC and all, if I was an oxen, or an elephant and especially a donkey, I would be pissed off at the current state of affairs. How come horses get all the kudos? So being the enlightened, lets not offend any societies we are becoming, should we not look at changing this language also?

Anyways, off to look for the Easter Bunny 😉

powder 8 Apr 3

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I have heard of "Human Power", though I have also heard the saying that. "All power resides in the hand that rocks the cradle." Whoever that may be.


"Manpower" isn't a specific unit of measurement though "horse power" is. Regardless, horses, donkeys, and oxen aren't going to be offended by any unit of measuring power or energy. But, I'm assuming you are being facetious with this post.



Labor? Or is that too Marxy Marx?


Some things are powered by hand or machine, no need to specify gender. It took the power of 3 people and one tractor to remove the stump, for example. Yes, I know, now you want to know the horsepower of the tractor. Well, I'm stumped on how to make everything PC, but it's good to try! 🙂

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