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I guess I'll be by myself in CO in the near future.

My aunt and uncle are my only family in CO. They want to move to AZ or OR, to be with their family. I don't want to move. It all depends on my aunt's cancer treatments and if she can find an insurance that works for her in either one of those states. I will be living here still. I moved from OR to be with my aunt 11 years ago here in CO. I just enrolled into college and I don't want to move back to OR, and never to AZ. It's too damn hot there! I will know what being alone in life truly feels like. I'll have a different payee, but she'll be my guardian still. I don't want to be bouncing around from state to state every 10 years. I will be alone on every major holiday. This is only if it works out for my aunt with an insurance. This will take months of planning. Her kids and grandkids are in AZ. My uncle's family is in OR, as well as my sister and dad. I a lot of time to see her until or if this works out. Oh well.

Sarahroo29 8 Apr 16

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I'm kinda at Ice Station Zebra where I'm at too (i.e., isolated). I feel for you. Bet you'll make some good friends at college. I'm holding a good thought for you.



It's ok to live alone, unencumbered by family. Just keep doing what you had planned. It will be fine. And post a lot on this site


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