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I was tagged to write a wild dating story. Hate to be a bummer but I haven't been on many At my age the common idea of dating was the guy taking out a girl and paying for everything. There kind of came a point where it was implied there should be some fair exchange for a good time. I couldn't do that and I did not like the idea of someone taking all the expense. I have been in situations where I picked up the tab or split it. THat seemed uncomfortable for the guy. I spent an initial get together helping take care of the guys cattle. THat was a nice day

btroje 9 Nov 30

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Love a guy that has the ability to nurture other creatures. Your date sounds like it was fun.
LMK if he's got a twin LOL


that is all bullshit. it's the company you keep and not where you keep it. there are no rules. go with your gut and be honest.

what is all bullshit?


I am widowed and "sort of " dating a little a few years after my husband's death. That means shared meals and coffee dates at this point. So far, "my turn to get it" is comfortable.

Hi, I like your name, Mambocat, how long after you were widowed did you start dating? I've been a widower for 2 years and just getting out there,


here's the rule to go by unless predetermined that the bill should be split , if the man ask the woman out then the man pays , if the woman ask the man out the woman pays /. sounds fair to me


That was how it was when I was dating. Having been married for 50+ years, I wouldn't know where to start now. It's a good thing my wife and I are in decent health. I must say that when I was dating I expected no "favors" other than the chance to get to know a girl. I hope you have many nice days.


I like cows, so that does sound nice!

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