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What are your favorite podcasts? I like 'The Thinking Atheist' and I just found a new app that's all atheist podcasts. I think it's called Fox hole.

LonerStoner 4 June 14

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I used to listen to Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway on Pivot. Their podcast is on the technology industry in the US, but they also talk about current events. It can be interesting, but sometimes the podcasts are less about the subject matter, and more about Kara and Scott bs-ing each other. I got tired of that, so I've been taking a break.

I also used to listen to Gaslit Nation with Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa. I started listening to it after reading Kendzior's book Hiding in Plain Sight. Sarah and Andrea have an interesting message. Reminds me some of Chris Hedges and what he says about what is happening here in the US. I haven't listened to it since the election though. I just needed a break from all of the political mess happening here in the US.

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Iā€™m an atheist, and I both think and feel.

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