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POLL What to Expect When You First Smoke Weed | Leafwell

Learned some fun facts in this article that I'll buy as facts. Until now I haven't put much stock in the various strain claims but I now find myself to be a firm sativa with high myrcene dude and low CBD dude.

I fall into the _____ category when I imbibe

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rainmanjr 7 June 24

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There are some feelings you get when you try smoking weed for the first time. You should be careful not to put a big concentration of drugs, because could get bloodshot eyes from it. The second rule is to inhale the smoke in reduced periods, like one slow small inhale at a time. After some minutes of smoking you will get into the stage which is called ''being high''. At this part, all your body is relaxed, the organs and blood vessels dilate, and you have a sensation of ease. This is what you can expect when smoking weed for the first time. I hope I was helpful.

Indubitably. Thanks.


no "present" category?

Not in this one.


I stopped smoking weed when I had Covid in April 2020. Quit drinking too. It's weird because I have a house full of booze and a nice wine collection. Haven't touched a drop. Also have quarter pound of nice nugs, untouched in my cabinet.

barjoe Level 9 June 24, 2021

Why? /s Then you seem to not need them and that's also good.


I have asthma and cannot smoke anything, but I tend toward high CBD content in my edibles

I would imagine so. Be well.

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