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LINK David Kessler: How to find meaning after loss | TED Talk

Kessler gets it and so do I. All people will grieve and all will do it in their own way. Not all will want comforting but those who do are often frustrated by the unhealthy way people try to help. I reference being a Dudeist Priest with humor for such a title but actually take the responsibility of Shaman work seriously. It is from my own experiences, or growth, from grief that I was even interested in becoming such a Priest. Kind of an unfortunate wording as I would prefer Mentor, or Counselor, but our nation has over 600,000 families who have suffered a recent loss from one event alone. The degree of suffering from all losses, from many tragic deaths, since 2003 is staggering.
I may not be the most Academic of Priests but I have studied personal growth a lot. Much of it from personal experience with nobody to guide me through it. Hiding or silently carrying the problem. Grief, effects of childhood trauma (CPTSD), effects of being unable to express one's true self, futility of purpose...all of these things and more I do understand well.
Possibly the humor of the idea that I am a person of God belays the idea that I am also of a spiritual nature. Sensitive but able to withstand taking on pain. I have built a certain resistance and become more willing to test the scabs in an honest way. If you, reader, need to unload pain then "That's why I'm here."
I will not give you a place to simply wallow in it, though. If you seem undesirous of growing then I am not your Priest. If you need someone to try getting you through that door then maybe I am.
Anyway, David Kessler is dead-on accurate (yes, I make loss jokes) in his understanding so this is worth watching. YOU may be called on to help someone through that door. Probably you already have.

rainmanjr 8 July 18

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