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Here is the height of ridiculousness. I bought a new phone today. I tried to open Hangouts. It asked for my password. Unfortunately, its been three years since I set up my account and created a password. I could not remember.

So I opened my computer and opened and its set up to remember my password automatically. I went to settings and selected update password. It took me to the change password page and guess what? It begins by asking me for my current password. Go figure. I went to password manager on computer and got the last password iteration saved. I put that in and guess what. It said no a valid combination. So now I am stuck trying to get Agnostic on my phone. If you are trying to change an old password, why ask what your current password is, it you cannot remember in the first place.

t1nick 8 July 31

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There oughta be a better way. Computers are frustrating for supposedly being so smart.


It is completely logical to ask for the old password when requesting a change on a web site. Every web site has a way to ask to change passwords via a link from your email. This can usually be found on the sign in page, where “Forgot Password” is an option beneath the user name. Try to find that.

Not if you are resetting because you cannot remember the old one.

I have been through that two dozen times with forgotten and no luck. I am no beginner on the computer. The system is flawed

@t1nick I repeat: click on “forgot password” and ask for a link to be sent to your EMAIL address. That will not require you to enter old password. Use the device that does not “know” your password. And get a small address book to start writing your passwords in.

@MsKathleen If you are not succeeding what Operating System are you using. If it is a Linux derivative then you can find the password files, the passwords are stored as hashes. Find the correct password and delete it. Then when you go back to the login page you should be alright. If this does not work search for the answer on the Internet. Even if you are using Windows there is a way to do this but it is far more involved. Make sure you are doing this correctly before you start. Actually, look it up, do not depend on my instructions.

@dalefvictor I have not got the problem, was just trying to help @t1nick. I do not use the APP, I only use the web page. If the APP is not working properly as regards password recovery, I recommend people try using the web page to recover their password.


I repeat I did, multiple times. I tried change Password and Forgot Password at last two dozen times each (I know the definition of insanity), but it promises to send me a link to reset my password and it never does!!!!!!!!


Tried, no luck

@Admin @SiteSupport @Developer why can’t people get a password changed?

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