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COVID -19 is an increasingly popular subject.

Where are you on the COVID-19 vaccination spectrum?

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waitingforgodo 7 Aug 25

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I refuse to take any additional boosters beyond the two pfizer shots I already received .

Healthcare is extremely expensive.

I can not afford free.


Single shot Janssen

Unity Level 7 Oct 4, 2021

Two Moderna shots, waiting for my booster in late October.


I have had 2 Moderna shots

Tejas Level 7 Aug 25, 2021

Had first one today. The AZ. Hope I'm OK with it. Wanted Pfizer, but in Australia in my age group, no chance, thanks to useless conservative govt.


Three Shots. I've had two Pfizer shots, I'm tempted to procure a J&J one shot for a booster. UK had good results mixing protocols. I'm not a lunatic Anti-Vaxxer. I believe in vaccines. I have permanent hearing loss and a heart murmur from measles when I was 5. The vaccine came out a year or so later.

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