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First grandchild born last Friday by scheduled c section between cord problems and the baby being breech.

Baby has some hurdles to overcome unfortunately and will require surgery in a few months. Genetic testing begun today to see if there is a diagnosis for why this has happened. Bowels end in a fistula in her vagina and there is missing cartilage in a thumb. So far as we know, surgeries can repair what we know is abnormal. Looks like they'll all get to go home in a week or two. My daughter had to get released from the c section then drive two hours to the children's hospital they had helicoptered my granddaughter to.

She's a cute little peanut regardless.

Larimar 8 Aug 31

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They all get to go home this weekend! Woohoo!


a great future of being spoiled. like me! first grandchild on both sides.

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