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What if we could award others points from our own?

There are so many crap posts. What if we could help promote those that create quality posts by giving them points we have earned to help them advance quicker?

NotConvinced 7 Apr 20

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That sounds like a good idea, one worth mentioning to Admin. I've been experimenting with my own posts, having done both really detailed and extensive posts, and a few fun ones. I post a video about a few goats fainting over a yoga ball and received quite a bit of feedback and up votes. My extensive posts received rather minimal feedback....unreal. The rather divisive and possibly hateful (I'm thinking racist and sexist) posts is a whole other story, and nothing hardly is done about them.

@NotConvinced Well...I think a majority of folks in this world are weird, so not too surprised there😉


Some people are just having fun


Have one of mine

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