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Do you ever get embarassed by your paycheck when you hand it to the bank teller? :(

NothinnXpreVails 8 Apr 20

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I have mine direct deposited. I am not embarrassed of how much I make, and as far as I am concerned society should be embarrassed of how little we pay for those who work in public service.


My bank luckily has remote deposit, so I just take a picture of the front and back of the check and deposit it.
Because, yes, sometimes it's embarrassing lol

It's a me thing. I feel like I'm not working hard enough when my check is smaller,and I feel embarrassed mainy because of that.


wow, I don't think a bank teller would know what a pay cheque is.
My first pays were in cash with a breakdown on a payslip inside the little yellow pay envelope. I loved getting them.
At 16 I entered banking and we received a pay cheque for about 10 years, then in the early 80s we were paid electronically.
My kids are 33 and 31, neither has ever received a pay cheque or a cheque for anything.
I have not received a cheque in the past 5 years and possible only 2 in the last 10 years.
Almost noone has a cheque account except maybe some businesses, though none of the business people I know have one.
My wearable credit/debit card arrived last week, water proof, even plastic is obsolete now. I rarely use cash, but our cash has been plastic (polymer) for over 30 years.
hmmm, embarressed, not really, my income is minimal, I am like a 70s playtex, no visible means of support and all I want to do is hold boobs all day.



Who gets paychecks any more. All direct deposit.


Didn't know many companies wasted time and paper on printed cheques anymore. Automatic deposit is getting standard so the person can do as they like with it, like paying bills from their phone, or to get cash back at the grocery store when paying by debit. I expect paper and cash tranactions will be something our grandkids will never have to deal with.


No, I don't make enough for it to make me feel ashamed.

MsAl Level 7 Apr 20, 2018

🙂 brilliant answer!


Bank teller? When I was earning cheques, they never made it past the lunch truck.


No. But being disabled I'm just glad I can work a few hours a week. I'll never make much or be able to support myself.


I use to get those things, I think it's something about being retired they seem to have went away.

Nice, isn't it? And the bank likes it, too.


This is like so not a thing incredibly alien to me. My two salaries go into my account, no one nor cares


Direct deposit yo.


When I had checks I cashed them at the liquor store. Most of my jobs have been direct deposit.

The last time I got a check was in '97. After working there a few months they began having trouble making payroll. Employees were depositing their checks, pay bills, then having their personal checks bounce because the payroll check bounced.

I began showing up at the office on payday (normally I just showed up at whatever job site we were working) and waited for the checks to arrive from corporate. I would go directly to their bank and cash it. With money in my pocket, I would then go and work.

But, no, I wasn't embarrassed by whatever was on the paper. I worked hard and earned it.

I'm guessing that there's more to your story so keep pushing forward!


Two words: automatic deposit.


Wouldn't know for not once in my life did I ever present a pay check to a bank teller.


You need automatic deposit

Company doesn’t even have it...


The only thing embarrassing about this is that it's actually a 'cheque' not a check! 😛

And it’s drive through, but society accepts drive-thru for some reason.

@NothinnXpreVails is that North American society? We in the UK don't accept 'drive-thru!!! Or at least the few I know don't!!

@Silvertongue I can’t speak for all of North America, but for uneducated, lazy Texas I can.


Nope I get direct deposit


No. Do they look at you weird or something?

I've cashed in 20 dollar checks before.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Are you not happy about your paychecks?

Not at all. Adjusted for inflation, I made more annually 20 years ago than I do now.


I used to many years ago on my first job, which only paid me six dollars an hour, that sure didn't equal much per week.


I laugh my way to the bank... I am Retired with 3 Checks. Largest one for now goes to my son, to do as he pleases. I can manage with smaller 2. Simply teaches me to live with less spending and once I need extra is always there.


I never handed my paycheck over to a teller, it's mine, I earned it----I keep it.



Get Direct Deposit from your employer.

They don’t offer it. Sometimes I get paid prior to payday as it is. If it was set up as direct deposit, that would cease.

OK...then just wear a mask when you deposit your check if you are embarrassed by a small check. @NothinnXpreVails


i never felt embarassed by money matters. why would i? i didn't invent the shit.


Direct Deposit...

Hutch Level 7 May 28, 2018
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