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The dark side of the transgender ideology: Homophobia.

Q: How does a girl realize that she is "transgender"?
A: She doesn't conform to the prevailing gender stereotypes. She behaves "like a boy", therefore her mind must be the mind of a boy.

A few years ago, before the trans craze took off as a cultural epidemic, it was common among progressives to question and negate gender stereotypes, according to which girls were supposed to be sweet, like to play with dolls, like to wear long hair and so on... When a girl behaved like a tomboy, if she prefered mechanical toys, short hair and rough and tumble play, progressive parents thought (and told her): that´s fine, some girls are like that; don´t worry.

Nowadays, stereotypes are again the standard for how a girl or boy should behave. If they do not, the suspicion that the child is transgender is immediately raised. Girls who grew up 20 years ago to end up living as lesbian butches (or is it butch lesbians?) are now getting the message: If your body and your behavior/feelings don´t match, you're probably trans. You behave/feel "like a boy" (stereotype!), so you´re probably a boy trapped in a girl's body. Given that the mind and its identity (in your case : male) is innate and immutable and sacred, the body has to be changed accordingly.

That is homophobia in a new disguise. The idea that some girls and women are rather masculine, or some men are effeminate, is no longer tolerated. Body, mind and behavior have to be aligned according to the reigning stereotypes. Therefore it´s no surprise that transwomen nearly always try to look like the "typical" woman: long hair, large breasts, highheels, lots of make-up...
For me, who ideologically hails from the Old Left, this is anything but progressive. It is regressive.

Matias 8 Sep 24

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I agree, it can sometimes get ridiculous, even tragic.
Maybe this betrays my ignorance and bigotry, but I can't help but think of Chastity Bono, daughter of Sonny and Cher. She was, in my opinion and I'm guessing everybody else's, a very attractive post-adolescent girl.
Around age 15, she came out as gay, which was hard on Cher, but that was nothing compared to a year later, when Chastity told her mother she was "really" a dude, and wanted her body to reflect what she felt inside.
Cher, after much consternation and long talks with her, among other things, finally and VERY reluctantly, acquiesced. Her daughter took the pills, did the surgery, and came out as Chaz, a decidedly, if you ask me, "unusual" looking young man.
And I KNOW this is retrograde, and irrelevant, but from my admittedly fetishized, sexist male point of view, I can't help but think he'd have been WAY better off as a femme--or for that matter butch--lesbian.
I furthermore speculate, what if it'd been today, in 2021, a lightning-fast cultural shift well underway, a time when to be gay or lesbian is becoming not only accepted, but by many positively embraced? Would it have made a difference? Probably not, but who knows?
And, like many others, I've always regarded a beautiful woman as the best thing the natural world has so far, and may ever, produce. Beside the point, but I can't help it if it colors my perspective.
Of course it doesn't matter what I think anyway, now or back then, in 2010.
I wasn't Chastity Bono, convinced she was a boy in a girl's body.
My rational brain gets it, it really does but, burdened by my antiquated and biased gender stereotypes, a part of me STILL clings to a visceral feeling that, darn it, it's a shame it had to be that way.
But don't tell Chaz that. HIS world is a vastly improved, happier place. He has a better-looking girlfriend than I ever had or ever will. Most importantly, he's more at one with himself than he could've ever been as a woman.
And Cher? Totally on board now...mother and son are closer than ever, both agree.
So what do I know? And I'm SORRY, but I happened to read about this the other day, and I'm just expressing my gut feeling, unvarnished by what my upper faculties know to be true. That's part of the problem.


"transgender ideology"? What now, you want to make this into a political phenomenon? So you can attack transgendered people like an invading army?

I know transgender people, and there would be no political angle if haters didn't invent one!


You make the common, incredibly ignorant, mistake of confusing lesbianism (homosexuality) with feeling transgender. Try to become more educated before posting this BS!


I would point out that gender transition is important for those who are going through it. Gender matters to them a lot; if they don't care about gender, why bother committing themselves to serious, often dangerous, medical treatment and surgical operations? And like you say, some of them are victims of stereotyping as to what women should look like and how they should behave and what men should look like and how they should behave. If a girl is a tomboy and likes climbing trees and playing with toy soldiers, so what? If a boy gets on with girls better than with boys, so what? I just wish that we were allowed to be just the way we are.

Ryo1 Level 8 Sep 24, 2021

I'm also from the Old Left but I think our society is one of old religion, always has been, and the entire society needs to grow out of superstition or violent hatred will overcome us. We need to do this fast, because we've put off questioning the old society for too long, so it's unlikely but only requires a change of mind. One that tolerates full diversity and individual freedoms. A new widely accepted story is what's called for but not what's being offered (by the Old Left). It is simply a matter of pleading on one side and refusal on the other. That will not work, I think.

You say we've "put off questioning the old society?" Really? And you're blaming the "Old Left?"
I think I know where you're coming from, but the Left has been questioning that part of the "old society" who are responsible for the "superstition or violent hatred" for 50 years at least, but actually from time immemorial.
You say we're "pleading" with these people, but we wouldn't have to if all us arm chair revolutionaries had only done the corny, establishment thing and VOTED. Instead, too many of us sat around enjoying our alternative lifestyles, etc., while the plutocrats plotted a takeover of the levers of governmental power. We thought it was already as bad at it was going to get, never dreaming the Christian right would be mobilized against us as unwitting corporate proxies.
We're now on the verge of a fascist one-party "Christocrat" authoritarian dictatorship, under which our progressive, humanist agenda will be buried indefinitely, certainly for the rest of our lifetimes. Permanently entrenched, our corporate masters will have license to rape everything in sight, in the mindless, heartless pursuit of maximum profit.
Never saw THAT coming, did we?
I hope it's not already too late; we'll see. But let's put the ultimate blame where it belongs: the Old Right devised a long-term plan which has proven perhaps even more spectacularly successful than they dared hope. Now they've passed it on to the New Right, who have at their command a compliant army of Holy Warriors brainwashed into believing the Left not only is wrong, but evil, our ideas Satanic, our goal, to prepare the way for the Antichrist.
These are extremely dangerous times, and it looks like our representatives are already too few in number to act effectively to resist the coming onslaught. They falsely claimed, of course, WE rigged the last elections, so they could use it as a pretext to rig the next ones. It doesn't matter that it's a lie. In the service of Jesus ANYTHING is permitted!
I hate to put it in such militaristic terms, but how else can it be put?
I think the 2022 elections are the most important ones of our lifetime. I know, the next ones always seem to be the most important, but the Christian hordes have sprung a trap, and we'll know by the next round of returns if any hope remains.

@Storm1752 I'll address various points. First, that I blame the old left. I do not blame them for trying to dislodge religion but in the manner they have tried to do it. Turns out to be not working so I suggest new efforts. That's all. The old left, and the new one, can be just as obstinate about breaking the log-jam and surging forward as the right is about God. My life depends on the left winning so I'd like to see some fast progress.

The left should have foreseen "the Christian right would be mobilized against us as unwitting corporate proxies." I certainly did and have never voted for them because of it. Shrug.

"I think the 2022 elections are the most important ones of our lifetime. I know, the next ones always seem to be the most important, but the Christian hordes have sprung a trap, and we'll know by the next round of returns if any hope remains." I couldn't agree more. That's why I'm suggesting a serious and fast national declaration which can't be mistaken for intent and desire. A 5,000 year old philosophy, the 2nd most interpreted book outside The Bible, has age/Authority behind it. Such a naturalistic, peaceful but not pacifistic, identity might hold power if a tipping point is reached and communicated by very peaceful and respectful marches across this nation. That's the only contribution to all this that I can make. That and my vote for Democrats in 2022/24/26/28 and as long as I live. Seems to me those would be enough, though.


First of all you I'm pretty sure you are using the word "transgender" incorrectly. Transgender is an actual process comprised of hormonal therapy and surgeries alter a person's physiology and appearance to become another gender.

Being transgender has nothing to do with one's sexual orientation.

All homosexuals are not transgender and being homosexual does not mean you want to be another gender.

And there is a slow, but increasing acceptance for people who assert themselves outside stereotypical gender norms in both appearance and self expression.

Perfect response!

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