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An implication of officers refusing the vaccine:

There is a concerted misinformation campaign aimed at recruiting the domestic security apparatus of this country for the next coup attempt.

This video only addresses the correlation between anti-vax belief and bad police officers:

Amongst police officers, is there a correlation between anti-vax belief and sedition?

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domos 7 Oct 14

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I suspect more capital police aidded the coup. []

domos Level 7 Oct 15, 2021

I do think that unvaccinated cops should be on a watch list in FBI computers but that should minimize the terrorist risk (if The FBI is operational). I do also agree that their judgment is in question so they should have to pass a psych exam every six months or face termination.

It doesn't seem like you support outright firing them. Do you think they can be retrained?

I think they should be watched and harassed until they quite. After they quite they should be watched a bit harder.

@rainmanjr that sounds a lot like secret police tactics. Is the threat seditious law enforcement officers pose worth the dangers and cost of authoritarianism... even if it is leftist progressive in nature?

I'm not asking this question like to undercut your sentiment it's just I struggle with the answer sometimes given how extreme their behaviors get over time.

I personally think they should be put on a sex offender style public registry and watch list. I should also never be allowed to work in any job public or private that involves the use of force. Lethal or non-lethal.

I think the US military should be required to give annual domestic threat assessments on how they equipment they are provided law enforcement can be co-opted by these separatist movements. I said literally telling the government in the preemptive way how their equipment can be misused ... Regardless of the intent of the officers or departments involved. That would make it easier to hold elected officials accountable for enabling an accountable cops.

And I do think there are situations where violence might be necessary to get rid of toxic police officers. Especially given to behavior from departments like Chicago and other problematic small town departments.

But the secret police thing makes me uncomfortable. I see the utility but we all know how it can be misused.

@domos Maybe so. Oh well. If one segment of society is not going to survive, and likely bring down the whole, then I'd prefer it be the Christian persuasion. That's what their love for me has bought them. As I've said to a lover or two, "Choke on it."


For those who agree with purging all of these problematic police officers... What should we do with them?

I was tempted to make another poster poll about that but it's hard for me to come up with good options. Sincerely asking for ideas.

domos Level 7 Oct 14, 2021
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