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POLL Taiwan: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

I hope POTUS Joe has no intention of going to war for the Chinese Fucking Tupai nation.

d$A should defend Taiwan?

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rainmanjr 8 Oct 26

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It's not worth a war with China. Damned shame the US created this mess in the first place. China is not going to rest until China is reunited, best we can do is work towards this with no bloodshed.

Exactly. Taiwan will go the way of Hong Kong (back to China) and I think it should.

@rainmanjr Exactly. In fact keeping it apart from China reinforces China's autocratic forces. The best thing the west can do is fully integrate China into the world community; increasing education, wealth, and worldliness will eventually transform China into a more democratic nations. Dictatorships collapse from within, democracy isn't something that can be imposed from abroad.

@Druvius That lesson, that growth involves greater world awareness and, as people learn about freedom, they want it so Communism collapses is one many forget. Even security becomes stronger as business ties increase but I'm not a fan of globalization. I think we're too immature for that to work.


War should be the very last resort for any event.

Tejas Level 7 Oct 26, 2021

War should not even be a possibility for this so-called issue. America should never have led Taiwan on in the first place.

So many Americans especially don't understand that. War is the ultimate fail state, it means your leaders have failed.

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