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To all users: Please help if you can? I have sent Administration about ten emails over the last 6-7 months repeatedly trying to fix my user name typo. At one point Administration did get back to me saying to change it and they'd take care of it. And they never got back to me. Does anyone have any ideas? Or perhaps another email for Administration they may have? My user name says; "Tourirst," which clearly is a typo. Are they still in business? Or don't they care any longer? I very much like being able to post on Agnostic but feel they are not getting my emails. Or ??? I'm Stuck in typo—purgatory.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
The Typo Tourirst.

Tourirst 7 Nov 3

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We still like you. I won’t say the word other boys called me; I survived.


…er…I think your chances are pretty slim of getting a response from Admin as you probably know yourself by now. As Theresa_N has stated below…we appear to be pilotless and have been for around a year now. I’ve always presumed your username was a misspelled word for Tourist ..if I’m wrong just tell us what it should be and we’ll refer to you as that!

Well, I like Sky, as I look at it daily. And it helps me remember my

@Tourirst ok Tourist…Sky it’ll be from now on!


It doesn't look good for getting your problem fixed. The admin hasn't been heard from for quite a while.

Someone else told me that too. Thank you.

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