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Are we seeing the end of how the world is? Will we all lose everything?


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The Club of Rome published a book, The Limits of Growth, in 1972. They used computer models to come up with four forecasts based on population growth, consumption, industrial output, pollution, depletion of resources, and other factors. If nothing was done to alter current trends, they predicted, there will be a catastrophic crash sometime in the next 100 years. When it happens, it will include steep reductions in industrial output and population.
Recently these projections were revisited by one of the original authors, who assessed the situation today, 50 years later. He found very little had been done to reverse these trends, and updated the statistics which clearly show where this inaction is leading us. Based on this information, he estimates the crash will likely happen sometime around 2040. But while that particular date might be arbitrary, a day of reckoning seems inevitable, and not that far off.
I doubt I'll be around, and that's okay!


The world was here for billions of years before we were. The world will be here for a few billion years after we are long gone.

If you're asking if human civilization will end sometime soon? Meh. Could be. I won't be losing any sleep over it.


We all lose everything eventually. Whatever happens after that won't matter to us.


The world will not end, only human society is approaching a huge shift which will require massive change if the species is to survive.
The change can be moderate or catastrophic depending on how our leaders choose to approach it and deal with it.

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