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One of the worst misnomers in the current political debate:
"Social Justice Theory"

  1. It is not a theory, but a modern quasi-religion for secular people, or a religious ideology for people who need a "Theory for Everything" which explains what is going on (going wrong!) in society, in history as well as today.
  2. It is not really about social justice (in the way old-school liberals would have defined it), but a kind of intellectual framework for the relentless (and zero-sum) struggle for power of different cultural tribes. More Machiavelli than John Rawls...
Matias 8 Nov 6

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Social Justice is a goal -- societies without discrimination against groups, social and economic quality, and should be the goal of progressive politics. That's what it used to be and should still be. If you were in a group of people treated like shit simply because you were in that group, you might see social justice in that way too.

Right wing ideology has used social justice against the Left, as a strategy to help achieve its goals of achieving hegemony through wealth and power. Careful you don't fall for their spin.


I'm more in @Storm1752's court than not because he is referring only to our present frame of time. I do think that many con's fear the likely result of wokeness, especially when mixed with fast developing AI technology, to be a Dictatorship over thought and intention. There is merit in that fear, I think, but that's why a two party system is thought (or just hoped) effective to balance them out. They do but not at the same time. Currently the con's are riding the high tilt of that balance so voting Democratic is the only way to achieve balance. When the Democrats go too far toward that Parenting Society voters will hopefully vote for Con's again but that will be then. If we don't bring balance to the now we may very well not see the then.

In one scene of this excellent doc we see a Putin Protester being taken down by other citizens while everyone trained a camera on the brutality. One gets the impression they were Putin supporters by lack of attempt to stop the oppression. All of this works both ways and that's the eternal human struggle. If Noah Hirari is correct then AI will replace us, I'm sure. But my point for this post is that trial by public sentiment is not a great thing, I think, but neither is death for not obeying an Autocrat.


Way to piggyback onto that bitter old Bishop, what's his name!
You're a fool if you think the Democrats and Christicans are in any way equivalent.
And it IS about social justice, unless you are under the mistaken impression the Jan. 6 insurrection and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations (made to LOOK violent by the Proud Boys, anarchists, and other lunatics) were just two relatively identical "cultural tribes." with only cosmetic, superficial differences, if any. Just a Machiavellian struggle for power, huh?
BLM protesters were justifiably angry about REAL disparities, and demanding needed reforms (though I don't agree with all their solutions, I agree with plenty); the severely misinformed and deluded Trumpeteers we're reacting to so many lies they're impossible to count, to unknowingly further an agenda of a cabal of elitist oligarchs pulling their strings from a safe distance.
Couldn't have been more different, and you should be ashamed of yourself because I get the distinct feeling you know better, and are just saying that to yank some chains for your own amusement.

Many - maybe even most? - "liberal" Americans seem to have acquired a kind of mental knee-jerk reaction: Those who are not in favor of BLM or CRT must be Trumpistas or even closet Proud Boys. This reaction is not intelligent (like all knee-jerk reactions, by the way)
Of course there are real disparities between diffferent groups in the US, but a new kind of 'woke' racism certainly won't be the solution...

@Matias 'Woke' racism? I don't know what 'woke' means, except it might imply I wasn't awake to begin with. It doesn't take being woken up to be aware of obvious things.
For the record I'M racist in many ways. I think George Zimmerman was innocent, although he had a shakey history before and since that occurrence. I think blacks tend to make EVERYTHING about race and overstate it to make excuses for their shortcomings. I even think whites DO have certain advantages that account for SOME of the disparity in income and in other areas. AND as far as law enforcement goes, I think a lot of that say is wrongful treatment is more times than not justifiable action by police in response to lawlessness, and is often done in self-defense. Racial profiling? Perfectly legitimate. And blacks USE the charge of racism as a pretext for expecting 'reparations' and government handouts they don't deserve.
I have no problem saying all those things and STILL maintain they have the right to equal protection under the law, meaning racism should not be built into discriminatory laws slanted in favor of whites. There are plenty of things for them to be angry about. It's not fair they should be kept even further behind in life than they already are. They are human beings and deserve respect.
What do you mean, "knee-jerk reactions?" I'm not a dog that salivates at the sound of a bell. I don't assume you're a Proud Boy; why, are you? A right-wing reactionary, maybe, whether you're a Trumpster or not. If you are, THEN I will make additional assumptions, based an allegiance to such a disreputable, despicable human being.
Other than that, if the shoe fits, wear it.

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