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It's Earth Day tomorrow!

Yay! Is anyone going to an event?

Sarahroo29 8 Apr 21

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I heard the earth day anthem for the first time written in 1990.



For those in my area (Los Angeles in general and the Antelope Valley Metrolink line), the trains and buses are free all day tomorrow. If my friend brings her kids up here, I'll probably take them here.


Plus, the LA Times Book Festival is at USC. Also free.

That sounds like fun.


theres a song i sould google about just anaother perefct day ????



Thank you for the reminder!



Google doodle has a nice one today: []

There's an event near me that I might be able to walk to. If I decide to go.


i always play this song on earth day by michael jackson.


It has religious undertones, hard to believe it came out in 82, must have been Tito's

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