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How a country teaches or inculcates belief at an early age?

The first photo is the title page in a book first published by the Victorian government in 1928-9 revised substantially in 1940 & reprinted as the second series from which the photos are taken.
The simple short story is of two men arguing rightful ownership of a found oyster. You can read the full story in photo 2.

The education that I have just received from reading the story & ascertaining the proprietorship is that the Victorian government wants its citizens indoctrinated into the following beliefs:

  1. A lawyer will rob you.
  2. The government & court is powerless to prevent this robbery.
  3. Government is another form of robbery immune from prosecution.
  4. Half an oyster in the hand is better than only one half of empty shell.
  5. Government indoctrinates citizens into not creating problems for the government.

Lawyers are thieves, governments indoctrinate from an early age, governments & courts do nothing to stop people being robbed?

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FrayedBear 9 Nov 8

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Lawyers are not the problem, but the system that ensures only those who wish to increase their own wealth at the expense of others become lawyers and later perhaps ...politicians.


The odd justice happen to keep the system afloat
Most part it is an un-justice system about money and power. More for them and less for most of us.

Justice is in pratice an impossiblity anyway, the justice "system" is a religious body which is encouraging people to follow an impossible dream. Perhaps it is an essential of government that it should pose as a provider of justice, to gain enough support to govern, but no government has ever been successful in practice.



Let people power run their own lives with simple ethical rules. Have Government take care of the small stuff . Because too many laws makes punishment worst than the crime.

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