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POLL Will America’s disregard for science be the end of its reign? | Big Think

I find these things interesting. I have to laugh at anyone who says "The reality based world" for a couple reasons. One is, obviously, my contention that this so-called reality is an illusion. But the more practical reason I have is to point out that the word "World" is often used erroneously (even by me). It's usually in reference to America, specifically, so using the word "Nation" would be more linguistically correct and beneficial. The scale becomes instantly smaller so easier to chew and digest. Just a suggestion from Uncle Neil. I have time to consider these things because I pay zero attention to sports, my food came from helping serve poor families dinner at Henderson Equality Center so takes only a couple minutes to heat, I have all the time in the world to think, and I'm usually high. I do the work so you have minimal considerations while doing yours. My aim is to be helpful. YW.
This is a satirical use of You're Welcome in order to draw a laugh from such hubris. I apologize if it's unfunny or, worse, offensive.

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rainmanjr 8 Nov 25

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I think ultimately the disregard for reality, reason and rational philosophy in the US will be its undoing. Disregard for science is, in the way I see things, only a part of (or a consequence of) this broader disregard.

My choice is not really reflected in the choices you give so I didn't vote.

kmaz Level 7 Nov 26, 2021

I feel polls are mostly for humor but what is your choice? I was just responding to @sticks(?) saying pretty much the same thing. Politicians can't deliver or deviate from Party rank/file so just call each other names. Dem's are trying for Climate but, obviously, can't grab the golden ring so it probably won't be successful. I do feel that AI might be the thing which saves us since a lot of physical waste and pollution causing activity will be done as an illusion which satisfies the brain's desire. That's pretty much what Tao, and my EMS theory, says is going on for the bigger picture so ironic.


Anyone who insists the bible is literally true has more than a "science problem." It might START there, but blossoms from there into full-blown delusion.
It may require a whole new branch of psychiatry.


If they keep thinking that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man; yes.

WTF? I could not care less what gender a person calls themselves or wants me to call them.

@rainmanjr Me either. People are free to love who they wish, but when people try to say that it’s scientifically or biologically possible for one to be the other; that could lead to a break down of societies by not trusting science.

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