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They say Satan is god's son. What kind of DNA does this serial killing "invisible man" god have? god has a plan. Two words. Kill you. god is an overrated overachiever SlumLand-Lord. And an absent one at that. The only way I get on my hands and knees is to plant stuff or toss my cookies. Thinking and watching people go ga-ga-god is a cookie-tosser event horizon for me.

god is the ultimate Fake News story. I could write miles of this type god stuff; frankly, I'm sick of religion. Oops, I did it again, and all over my keyboard when I was fixing the lower case caps on god. Is this a sign from god? I think so as I can't type anymore.

Tourirst 7 Nov 28

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My phone autocaps "God" but doesn't autocap "goddammit" dammit.


Who says that? Who is "they"?

If you have to ask Paul, you're on the wrong site.

@Tourirst I that your way of not admitting you made this up? The "Satan is God's son" thing, I mean. Because I've never come across that in all my reading.


Son? I thought he was a 'fallen angel'? Isn't that the mythology? Not that I care at all.

You know, I have no idea? I never read the book of baloney.

It's somewhat important to know the background of mythology and religion, if only to intelligently criticize it.

@Paul4747 I'm smart enough to know I don't have to read about it because they ram it down your throat all your life. If I had my way, I'd bulldoze every stupid church in the world. Religion is a destructive force and has done nothing of any consequence, except kill millions of people. It's a great job if you're a pedo, or need jet fuel. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your comment and thank you for that.

@Tourirst Okay, whatever you say.....

The Bible actually has very little to say about Satan or his origins, he just sort of developed bit by bit as it went on. Indeed, in the first place he may just be, like much of the bible, a mistranslation, since the earliest references are to "a satan", in other words a member of a class of angels called satans, because the word means roughly, "advocates for the prosecution". And there is nothing in the bible which says he was not a good servant, since he, or they, carry out gods commands perfectly, the idea of a rebel angel and of hell, only seem to develop later in Roman Catholic/Orthodox theology long after biblical times.

@Fernapple yes, I'm rusty on the history, but I recall that the Devil yarn wasn't added to the myth until much later, like the 6th or 7th century, much like the Virgin Mary spin, though most death culters have no idea, believing that the Devil was big on everyone's minds in the first century, and Mary was Virgining around while Jesus was miracling and being crucified. Like they care about history!

@David1955 David, you made me laugh! I'd believe corn was gold before I would buy into the story the Virgin Cherry was real.

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