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POLL Past Trauma Makes Groups Hard to Deal With

Trauma leaves grief (and has been widespread for a hundred years) so we always end up feeling like other people just don't know what reality is. We try to break out of that feeling by joining a "fun" group but that feeling of distance is inevitable. At 62 I no longer want to be around anyone. I love being alone, and accept it, but not all the time.
@9:00, I would agree in a world absent of Internet, video calls, and Social Media. The problem for us is that these tools are being cooked badly and corrupting individual health. That is negatively impacting our greater societies. If the idea were being served up in a more healthy way a lot of the need for social activity would probably be met. I think AI, and VR in particular, will take care of a lot of the need and alleviate us from mass shootings, disease, waste, oil consumption, and many other ills because it will satisfy the brain without being real. Much like the illusion we are all sharing🧘♂️

Thank you, Uncle Neil.

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rainmanjr 8 Nov 30

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Anyone with ptsd knows this is very stressful

I think child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, removal of a parent--or both--through war/jail) has been so wide spread that most adults, today, suffer from CPTSD. They may not acknowledge it, possibly even fight it through macho or religious bravado (women can act macho and even think that they are as an appropriation tactic), but that only makes the effect worse for those who aren't. I think most, if not all, of maga is composed of traumatized children over the past 100 years. Probably longer but that 100 is now what defines society.

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