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Steven Pinker answers questions.

PBuck0145 7 Dec 17

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Not much to disagree with there, but not much that's new either.


It is, and there is a discussion to be had about that, but it is not an immediate danger. Far more urgent are two existential issues that Q-Party is on the wrong side of. One is Theocratic Authoritarianism and the other is Climate Change. Therefore, I'll vote a (pardon the wording) str8 Dem ticket in 2022 and 2024. Assuming Dem's keep d$A from sliding into #1 then I'll make decisions about their negatives. Hopefully we'll continue to make better and better decisions so cancel culture gets solved at a conversational level. It won't be an issue if Dem's lose because the Q-Party will likely have us exterminated.

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