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Since the word “cult” is usually pejorative, it goes without saying that no professed “Marxist” would say Marxism is a cult.

But is it? What is a “cult,” anyway? Wikipedia’s definition of a cult is

a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal.

By that definition, I would say “Marxism,” as defined by the bullets outlined above, definitely fits the bill.

Here’s why:

“social group” - Marxists definitely constitute a social group. They consider non-Marxists to be sinners the same way that Christians or Muslims consider non-believers to be infidels. Some “Marxists” are worse about this than others; but anyone who actually calls himself a “Marxist” definitely behaves in this way, to some extent. He prefers to associate with other “Marxists.”

“unusual… beliefs” - the beliefs of Marxists are not unusual in a historical sense, since Marx mostly regurgitated ancient communist beliefs and values. But they are “unusual” in Western civilization; and they directly oppose Western values of individualism, individual liberty, mutuality, freedom from coercion, etc.

“common interest in a particular… goal” - the goal of all Marxists is to implement a worldwide Marxist (communist) state. Marxism/communism cannot co-exist with another system, at least one that is not equally coercive, since it cannot compete when people are free to choose. This united goal of Marxists is preeminent in their system of beliefs and values. Marx predicted this state would come to exist — and they believe him.

Beachslim7 6 Dec 19

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In the past, people like you would use socialist as a weaponised term. Then it was communist, with reds under the beds. Presumably that has lost its punch, with Trump and his cohort consorting with excommunists like Putin. Recently, I read a lot of nutters using 'Marxist' and "Marxism" as their bogeyman, usually, like you, people who know nothing about the economic and philosophical underpinnings of 19th century Marxism, Marx's analysis of class and economics, or class struggle, as he saw it in that century. So, like you, they turn up on you tube and other platforms throwing around terms they don't understand, oblivious to any real study of political philosophy, looking for new ways to project their fears, making false equivalent after false equivalent, and I can't help but think that in the old days idiots would have had to go to a library, take out some books, or study a course on a subject like this, in other words make an effort to acquire some knowledge, but now, with just a few clicks on dumb right wing sites, they can be courageous enough to post their ignorance and stupidity on the online world. It's pity it has to happen on this site as well.

@Beachslim7 Marxism is one of the most influential economic and philosophical systems of analysis in the world, having had enormous impact on philosophical liberalism, capitalism, even conservatism. You don't have to be anyone's marxist to know this. It is simply a fact in any study of 19th and 20th Century political philosophy with ongoing impact to the present. If you had ever studied political philosophy, which clearly you haven't, you would know this. Find a new right wing bogeyman. Read some books. Take some classes. Better yet, go somewhere else and display your ignorance.

@Beachslim7 do you have enough neurological ability to understand that something can be studied for its influence and importance, without being a follower or worshipper of that influence? Can you grasp a concept like that?

@David1955 He can’t .

@Pralina1 Clearly, some people are unable to grasp that an interest in something does not mean that such is followed by subscription to it or support of it.

@Beachslim7 you're making a fool of yourself. You are in the wrong place. Find some right wing nit wit online forum for right wing nit wits and stop bothering us.


Since the number of Marxists in America is effectively zero, who cares? Trumpism is a cult, now that's scary and relevant. He's killed far more of his followers than Jim Jones, and his followers are still following him!

@Beachslim7 LOL, yes, according to Trump cult belief anyone to the left of Trump is a Marxist. You can call people you disagree with Marxists all you want, doesn't actually make them Marxists.

@Beachslim7, @Druvius I'd say there are quite a few 'Socialist' leaning Members here, but I really doubt many 'Marxists'. Communism & Marxism have been used as scare words for decades by the Right, yet I doubt many of them actually have a clear idea of what they actually mean...

@phxbillcee One does meet the occasional socialist, I've known a few. Politically though it's a nonexistent party that hasn't figured in elections for 50 years or more. I lived in Berkeley for decades, met few to none Marxists. Because people are sharing Marx inspired memes doesn't make them Marxists.

@Beachslim7 Let me guess, you are somewhere to the far right of Genghis Khan...

@Beachslim7 Correct me if I am wrong but I seem to recall that the Republicans were the ruling political party under the leadership of Geroge Bush during the 2003 invasion of Iraq? I take it no violence was used and there was no loss of life?

@Beachslim7 Saddam Hussein was under sanctions from the United States and was locked out of the dollar payments system. He wanted to avoid the dollar payments system so he could move in the cash he was receiving from overseas sales, in much the same way and for the same reasons that Iran trades with India in Rupees and China in RMB and repatriates the currency.

Evidently, the US boycott of Iran was as effective as a wire mesh bucket is for holding water. I heard that after the fall of Saddam Hussein oil was taken from Iraq, unmetered, for a period of eight years. That would have been under the watch of Senator Coleman.

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