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Who would you save?

Beowulfsfriend 9 Dec 21

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Am presently re-reading the book "Moral Tribes" by Joshua Greene. The main focus is 'utilitarianism. It's a long book and covers, in detail, the trolley problem.' [] However, one major, central point, to me, is the absence of any linkage to how saving one group may lead to other problems down the line. Like, feeding starving people might lead them to having more kids who also end up starving. This 2nd read has opened my eyes to things I missed on the first read. I also remember the 'prime directive' in the Star Trek Next Generation. A directive that was consistently ignored.

My thoughts and, I believe, @Pralina1 as well.


First in time first in line. The ship with the workers did an SOS call first. No matter what one decides there will be "what ifs".

I'm sure that it is covered in Naval law. I took a course in 1980, and honestly, all I remember was the chapter on cannibalism.


That should be "whom," not "who."

Cut it out 😂😂😂😂😂🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇


To me it's pure logic. In general, I go with the group that has a longer future and more chance to be productive.

Diaco Level 7 Dec 22, 2021
  1. Save the first group that you responded to.

  2. The asteroids may imperil two ships.

  3. You may be instructed or influenced about who to save.

  4. You save who you save and ethics is irrelevant after the fact.

  5. Ask each ship who to save.

  6. Toss 30 coins for the workers and 20 for the kids and see which has the most heads.

  7. You are not the captain.


Middle age workers . That comes w kids , wives , husbands , dogs and cats and rats . Responsibilities and mouths to feed .
Nothing wrong with been young / rich / on vacation . Life will stop for them b4 it even starts . I have to go for the ones that life is already happening .

That was my thought, what about collateral pain - kids, spouses.

I would pick them too, rich college kids could be the next trumpers

Still, young workers have the potential of having more kids, spouses, dogs, cats mouths to feed etc. There is no easy answer.


Part of triage

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 22, 2021

I expect triage really sucks. My Dad did that in WWII, and I think it may have been part of his occasional nightmares.

@Beowulfsfriend Same here wondering about could have beens




I'd save the workership because they asked for help first. That criteria frees me from all the other considerations which are all speculative anyway.


I'd save the students and hope a few really good looking ones would reward me over and over again.


I say save the most lives which would be the larger ship with the middle age workers.

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