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A poll on the outcome of the 2022 mid-terms.
Will Democrats gain, maintain, or lose seats.

Midterm Elections

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Captain_Feelgood 8 Dec 26

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Making predictions, especially in politics in America, is not easy, but the Democrats have a couple of advantages in the Senate this election because of timing.
There are 14 Democratic seats defending -- 10 likely safe -- 4 in play.
There are 20 Republican seats defending -- 14 likely safe -- 6 in play.
That means that
Democrats have 36 not running + 10 likely safe = 46 likely seats => 4 in play
Republicans have 30 not running + 14 likely safe = 44 likely seats => 6 in play

Democrats can win the Senate in 2022 -- and make it Manchin-proof -- []

Republicans were predicted to dominate redistricting — but all that has changed in the past few days -- []

The House will be interesting.

Meeeeh... don't think I put much faith in them as an unbiased source. []

True they lean left but they back up their stories with links.

The 20 Senate Republicans vs 14 Senate Democrats defending is not in question. Keep whistling if it makes you feel better.

@RichCC Yeeeaah... I don't think linking to CNN and themselves (rawstory) does them much good. The one link I saw to Cook PR that's not bias dosen't do anything for the claim. Once I saw that, I quit reading. Not worth my time really.

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