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So the question about afterlife I never get clear is, how does it work? We are what we are because of our experience, our surroundings, our limitations (physical/psychological) and of course our genetic makeup.
Now, if a baby dies, would it be a baby forever? Without the life experience, like we have, without the ability to speak or even put words together?
if my father, who suffers from Parkinson's dies now would he always be so frail and forgetful, or does he come back as the rock I use to know him 40 years ago?
does someone who suffered from a car accident, lived for two months in a vegetative state remains in a vegetative state afterlife?
And how do you communicate if body and soul are two different things and I have to leave my bodily eyes/ears/nose/skin/tongue behind?
and if there are ways to communicate how come we can not do this right now while we are alive?
For me, those and many more questions that remain unanswered are the reason I don't believe in a supernatural being and an afterlife but I would be curious to know if someone has tried to answer these kinds of questions.

Jammy66 2 Apr 23

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You really can't question the afterlife because it doesn't exist.


But soul is not a body part, so most of you feel actually we have no soul so when someone says he's a good Soul or she's a good soul it actually means nothing. I don't believe in God I don't think I ever have, I do like the thought of possibly a spiritual world that includes only Souls The Souls of our loved ones there's been times that really odd things happened that there's almost no way to explain that makes you think of a afterlife not so much an afterlife as a spiritual life. I don't pretend to know, I just actually like the idea of a spirit world I like the idea that sometimes someone will say you have a lot of your family around you that they can sense it. I don't actually know what I do believe I just actually know what I would like to believe and hope some discussions on this site actually clear some things up for me


People who imagine an afterlife always highly idealize it, otherwise there would be no point. So the sick are healed, lacking a body is no problem and not like living in a sensory deprivation tank. They imagine their dead infants as happy older children, etc.

What they won't consider is that the afterlife, if it existed, could just as well be what I call SSDD (Same Shit, Different Dimension). No one wants that. But isn't it terribly convenient that the afterlife just magically solves all problems, rights all wrongs, wipes away every tear, and eliminates all the practical problems of human nature?

Frankly if I find my consciousness continuing on after I die I'm going to be quite annoyed. I find oblivion to be quite comforting. I can put up with anything if I know there's some sort of endpoint. I can be quite content with life if I don't crave something beyond it. And I can be more engaged with life if I don't imagine that there is any sort of justice, closure, or comfort beyond the grave.


I think you are overthinking this,
it is nice and simple,
there is no afterlife, so any further discussion about how and why is invalid.


There is no afterlife, there is no soul. Everything you have, everything you will ever be is wrapped up in the flesh parcel of you. Life is for here and now. Enjoy it.


you die and rot. THE END

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