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A friend is trying to open an account here but says her email has not been confirmed. What can she do to have her email confirmed?


skado 9 Jan 6

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I’ve never been able to get the email to validate either. Just carried on and hasn’t been an issue yet.


Lucky her, lol.

Joking aside, not sure how often you check into the Leaning Left group on the other site, but did a post in that group about the vaccine debate you might find interesting.


Maybe.... Continue on and ignore email validation warnings


I think that function is broken, just continue on. One of my friends had the same problem, but it had no effect on his ability to login or post.


Nothing! I have the same issue! so far no problem at all 😀

Diaco Level 7 Jan 6, 2022

Apologies for the basics, but has she checked her spam filters and trash?

Also, some carriers automatically consider some senders to be spam and block them, so she may want to get a free Gmail account and try again. I've never had Gmail block Ag emails.

@JennyRad I guess it's another function we've lost along the way (I haven't received notification emails in months) but I hope it doesn't interfere with your access to other stuff on the site.


try a different email?

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