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Where does intuition fall on the spectrum of what takes place in the mind but cannot be measured?

I've had some really strong and accurate intuitive situations. I just KNEW something had happened, something that was not at all predictable or foreseeable.

Magnolia 4 Oct 2

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I know my experiences are not related to past experiences, because I have not had those past experiences. They were not related to logic, as that's commonly known, because the situations were NOT ones which could be intellectually uncovered. They were definitely situations in which I just knew something had happened or was about to happen, and it did. I suspect women are indeed more in tune to his activity. Perhaps there is a different part of the brain which has developed over time.


I don't "believe" in intuition per se, but I've learned to trust my gut feelings. Quite often an unexpected thought or idea will pop into my head and it has always, always been the right idea to follow that prompting. I used to think that was God. Now I think I'm probably perceptive to a massive degree and by following these "background" subconscious perceptions, I've entered a positive feedback loop where I get better and better at it.


Well, there are those whose intuition is so strong that it's almost psychic in nature, think of it as low level prescience. They're not able to know the future, but they have a strong impression that what is happening is going to lead to something good or bad.

Then there's mundane intuition. They're people that have a good idea of what they're doing, even if they have never done it before. They can work their way through something on "guesswork" and their "guesswork" often turns out to be right on the spot.

Glad to help.


how do you know it wasn't predictable or foreseeable

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