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"Dream Forest" painting by Martha Flores. Got it framed.

In my living room I just hung "Dream Forest," an acrylic painting by Martha Flores. I'm thrilled! The wall is white, not pink. Took the photos with my smartphone.

It was scary selecting a frame without my ex-husband's help. He's an artist.

Added an inner thin gold frame to make yellow/golds pop. The wee bit of gold leads your eye up the path.

Despicable Hobby Lobby had fifty percent off on custom framing during the week after Christmas. I jumped. Only $124 for the double frame.

Hobby Lobby is the only place in North Central Washington that frames paintings. Four local frame shops closed including Michael's Crafts.

Sadly over the past two years, a talented framer lost her equipment and wood stock in a wildfire, followed by a resulting landslide. Her studio burned. She stored her remaining wood in the basement that was flooded by mud and rocks from the landslide.

LiterateHiker 9 Jan 10

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A nice choice of frame, beautiful painting.


Thank you, Robert.


Nice frame, to bad it was hobby lobby that got your money.


looks like it's uphill. scary.


Of course it's uphill, silly. I live snuggled against the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

@LiterateHiker they got downhill too then? maybe even slides. 🤔😉


What goes up must go down.

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