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Washington's Olympic Mountains after huge snowstorm.

A rare blue-sky day in Seattle in winter. A friend sent me this photo he took. He lives on the Kitsap Penninsula, WA.

At -21, I moved from Michigan to Washington State. Learned to hike in the glorious Olympic Mountains. Fell in love with the mountains and stayed.

Since I grew up on a lake in Michigan, I wanted a view of water. So I rented a house on the Kitsap Pennisula on the Puget Sound looking across to the lights of Seattle. Worked as a Tacoma YMCA program director. Took the ferry to Seattle for graduate school at Univ. of Washington.

I called Seattle's gray, rainy days "silver days" because of the lovely reflection on the water.

Nine years ago, I took the second photo from the summit of Mt. Townsend in the northeast corner of the Olympics. Looking south into the mountains. Love the graduated blue from dark to light. Like a Japanese painting.

LiterateHiker 9 Jan 11

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I love to hike in the Olympic mountains, already planning my summer backpacking trips.


I just lost a long message to you asking if you "climed" my favorite, My Pilchuck (easy trail) Drive halfway up to old ski lift area. Great trail to show elderly people!


The Mt. Pilchuck trail is badly overcrowded by Seattleites. Ugh.

My idea of a great hike is when we don't see another person on the trail.


Driving east through Lynnwood WA one clear day admiring the sunlit cascade range ahead of me, I was distracted by light in my rear view mirror. It was the Olympic range, a sea of white! I could not believe such beauty could exist! Words cannot describe that awe inspiring event burned into my memory!


I have only seen the Olympics from a scenic view on the roadside. They were amazing and just looked like they were a painting, a quite good and realistic one. I could not believe that so many mountains could be placed into one area. Would make a real good hiding place as it would take forever to go a short distance. Great pictures.

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