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LINK Election officials in Texas reject hundreds of ballot applications under state’s new voting restrictions - The Washington Post

Election officials in one of the most populous counties in Texas have rejected about half of the applications for ballots because of the state’s new voting restrictions enacted by Republicans last year.

The clerk’s office in Travis County, the fifth-most-populous county and home to the capital of Austin, cited the law’s recent changes to identification requirements in rejecting about half of the 700 mail-in applications.

Other county clerk’s offices in the state, including those in Harris and Bexar counties, also are rejecting applications that fail to meet the new standard, or in which information doesn’t match the voter data on record.

snytiger6 9 Jan 15

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The mostly democratic area of course. Repucks gotta cheat. What little democracy the US had will soon be dead.


Let's hope it changes some votes on Tuesday.

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