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"The Room" Secretly a masterpiece?

So after watching the movie the disaster artist I was thinking about the movie the room. And then I thought to myself what if Tommy Wiseau's real goal was to make a movie so bad that it was good? I'd love to hear some feedback.

Kronos101 2 Dec 3

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I recently saw The Room as part of a run up promotion for "The Disaster Artist" and I'm still not sure about the film. If I went to see the film expecting to see a serious movie, I would have walked out. But I saw it, knowing it was bad. We were throwing footballs and spoons around while yelling back at the screen and that was kind of fun. It was amazing to watch the acting, directing, producing, and writing of Tommy Wiseau and realize he has absolutely no talent for any of those things.


Is that on Netflix? I've never heard of the movie.

Check with your local arthouse theater, your best bet may be Kimball's Peak Three Theater.


Nope not on Netflix.

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