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Vaccines has been the greatest shaming of anyone since marijuana. For 90 years in Canada more marijuana users were locked up in cages, than all the violent criminals combined. It's happening again, except much larger scale than ever. if you don't take Big Cartel Pharma Drugs. Then they will lock you down in this greatest prison called planet earth.

Sign me up and lock me up and vote me in the greatest Hall of Shame narrative ever. I helped pioneer making marijuana legal and now aim to making Unvaccinated legal. Shame me to the highest degree for solutions vs the total solution of super human mixed cocktail vaccines, that fit all, fix all, and be all.
My crimes against humanity alternative are...
. Healthy food and medicine herds pet and humans.
. Freedom to choose work one loves & free speech
. Affordable housing for minimum wage people
I'm proud to be a villain like Joe Rogan, Robert Malone, Ressel Brand or the continent of Africa.

I want your vote for villan of the year!! Some of you here on agnostic.
com called me a serial killer , mass murderer, a liar and a contributor to the greatest genocide ever.

Vote here X. HALL OF SHAME.
I double Dare you, It's Show time!!!

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 18

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I get three times called stupid, idiot or some kind of a disease criminal often in a single post. Where are you chicken Littles now? Where is the fox, that guards the hen house now?. And sheep dogs and sheep herder who cry wolf now. It time to vote like you always do to avoid thinking for yourself.


There seems to be hyperbole on all sides. Humans are like that. I’m not aware of anyone in the U.S. being locked, either up or down.

Do you know the argument from the other side? If you know it you can steelman it. If you want to have a conversation about this subject, let’s start with that. What are the real concerns of the pro vax side that underlie their efforts to get everyone vaccinated, regardless of whether their methods of doing so are Russel Brand approved?

skado Level 9 Jan 18, 2022

Right now, temporary I would prefer to live in some states like Florida and Texas for freedom of economic and free speech. At one time I thought I would not ever go back to the US . Covid in Canada lockdowns is moving us towards USSR from my experience traveling there . I should have moved to my second home in Belize.

Biden is pushing vaccine mandates.Other mandatory vaccine or lockdowns around the world, coming to America very soon.



As I thought. You have no idea, and no interest.


Because many here, only vote to be enslaved. With no solid evidence or facts to back anything up related to vaccines. Just hand me downs and political agendas.

If you can't state the other side's position accurately, that is to say, to THEIR satisfaction, then you have no idea what you are fighting against. You are in a war with your own fears, and are projecting them onto other people. You have no idea what is really motivating other people, and no interest in finding out. Because if you found out, you would have to own your own fears and confront them, instead of projecting them onto some imaginary bogeyman.


I came here for no fear of God.

The nonbelievers fear opposing political parties here greater than God. As it turns out the Government and centroist are the true daily top God of conflicts and fairytales, They actually tool religious conflict with war the last 100 years. There is the position centrist, Beurorates, technocrats, centro banks and one third of the economy is drugs. Smart enough to run their machines and dumb enough to be owned. No Bogey man require, easy to follow the writing on the wall from Christian Hitler to atheist Stalin. As corporatism and communism work world order. Which will fail again. I like to know things, been prepared for this maddness from 10 years back. Fear is really base on unknowns .Many people here show me no solution aims yet. What are they taking on personally for humanity. Just see mainly running to centroist to do the work and thinking for them instead.

Just don't like to see people go through the fire of suffering and abuse for too long.list of assume crime of against humanity above. Being a lover not a fighter and other assume many here I'm against them. Against is always joins the problems. I listed solutions in action can anyone match them, no. They run to their centrist for the super lame actions.

I disallowed any enemies and looks at both side of extremes and finds the best answers in-between. My satisfaction come from my heart of services to humanity. I always confront fears, that makes me. fearless. Can anyone here challenge me here with their solutions. Show me where anyone here has got a backbone connects to brains.
Or go running to Mother fucker Government or God father centroist for everything.

You haven’t engaged any of my comments. I don’t see any point in trying to have a conversation with a tape recorder stuck in playback mode.

Best wishes.


I put up three comment with double the words in all.
Have no fear in confronting anyone or question. Did I miss answering anything?

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