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Wish you communist holidays.

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 20

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What a fool.


Ever been to an actual communist country? I'll bet you haven't.
If you had, you'd stop posting this stupid crap and start to get truly worried.

I've been in few communist countries like USSR, even works in some. I know what communism looks and feels like by experience, have you?

Most everything I post is backed up a good deal of experience, I like to know things.

@Castlepaloma They bear no resemblance to this idiotic youtube clip, do they?
The USSR is no longer communist. It no longer even exists! Russia is not communist. Ukraine, Its largest ex-state after Russia, is a democracy hoping to join the EU.
China is a dictatorship, paying lip service to communism whilst implementing capitalistic policies - and dominating world trade with the greatest financial clout in history.
North Korea is indeed communist, in the worst traditions of the Stalinist Russia of 80 years ago.

@Petter et
little worries from me, I'm set up for worst to come as long as many keep complying. I won't go into China experience.

There is still 8 communist countries with many others with mixed other polical agendas. When I was temporarily working USSR early 70s late 80s for athletes and sculpture teacher. I felt less restrictive than I do now. USSR would not force anything into body like the Covid world order as I claim greatest decimation ever,, just for being unvaccinated. My sculpture industry is been destroyed. I'm banned from any other work. Being a swimmer there is no pools that allow me to practice in. USSR was keen into my swimming and sculpture as I taught their best, that they had. Then after a few years they were beating me in a few world championships.

Only thing, was no Christmas, just like here with the Omicron. They didn't have to party anyway, alot of them were drunk half the time.

@Castlepaloma. There are only 2 communist countries, North Korea and Cuba.


China, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam. These communist states often do not claim to have achieved socialism or communism in their countries but to be building and working toward the establishment of socialism. Also Bolivia and see other Latin countries.

@Castlepaloma. Nope.

@ThinkingFree The five remaining communist countries today - and China is becoming hybrid, anyway.


Communist Party of Bolivia
Partido Comunista de Bolivia
Split from
Revolutionary Left Party
Regional affiliation
Foro de São Paulo

@Castlepaloma The five remaining communist countries today - and China is becoming hybrid.


Since 2019 Venezuela has switched back to communism
The Communist Party of Venezuela is a communist party and the oldest continuously existing party in Venezuela. It remained the main leftist political party in Venezuela from its foundation in 1931 until it split into rival factions in 1971. Wikipedia

I would move , right now to live in Bolivia, Cuba and Vietnam because it's a more free country than living in Canada. Problem is, an unvax person can't leave this country, I can't even leave my province. That is truly Communist.

@Petter. Including other countries besides North Korea and Cuba makes the definition of communism rather comprehensive.

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