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Republicans are terrified if more people vote.

Retiredsteve 7 Jan 21

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This is not news. Republicans and the GOP have intentionally worked towards this for decades. They do not see people who oppose them as worthy of having a vote (they barely consider some of us human), and are gleeful at how successful they've been at limiting voting rights. It's only the Democrats that have a problem believing it, and they need to stop being so damn complacent.

19 states illegally kicked Howie Hawkins off his ballots 2020 we did qualify in all 48 states 2016 for Dr
Jill Stein.... duopoly fears truth telling candidates
...both rethuglicans & demonRATs are zionist 28 trillion dollar thieves since TipO'Neill&ReaGUN stole the 1st 4 trillion since 1982
...real Democrat Jimmah Carter never stole more than 55 billion never went over the 1st trillion MADE PEACE not war with Sadat & terrorist Menachem Begin


Just fake votes and ballot harvesting

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