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Here is the transcript of the first post I offered after a long absence from "Agnostic" I put it in two categories because I was not sure which would be the more appropriate, and I seem to recall that this used to be a feature of your policy.

Xenoview 8 replied the following:

"Can you delete one of your double postings."

Feb 16, 2022 Reply 1
fishline79 7 replied Feb 16, 2022 0
Why don't they give you the option to post in two categories? It is difficult to choose only one. Which one should I remove?

xenoview 8 replied Feb 16, 2022 0
@fishline79 the one with the fewest comments

fishline79 7 replied Feb 16, 2022 edited 0
@xenoview OK, done. However I think they should allow at least two. Where's the harm? Fewer people will see the post, and many of mine are humorous, as I am a satirist writer.

xenoview 8 replied Feb 16, 2022 0
@fishline79 You can suggest that to admin.

PS. Why can"t something be humorous and informative at the same time? That is the purpose of satire.

fishline79 7 Feb 16

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Post wherever you like. People will express opinions… but they don’t write the rules. And even the written rules are rarely enforced unless for deliberate abuse of the system, or scamming, etc.
Posting in more than one category is done all the time. Posting repeatedly in the same category is usually accidental, because people keep hitting”send” if it doesn’t post right away. Best not to do that, but not subject to capital punishment. 🙂

skado Level 9 Feb 17, 2022

That's what I thought. After all, I'm still a 7.5 even after a year (maybe more) of not posting anything. Why was xenoview so miffed?


No big deal.

Ryo1 Level 8 Feb 17, 2022

You can post a thing in more than one category.
A few categories even want you to do that.

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